Sacred Dancers of Angkor

“After a couple of hours of muscle-straining perfection, four of the Sacred Dancers stage a final performance, one that bides goodbye and good luck to those fortunate beings who spent an afternoon in the company of gods.” Discover, Dene Mullen

Learning and mastering 4500 hand gestures infused with emotive symbolism, the Sacred Dancers evoke the spectrum of human emotions from the silent language of the Apsaras. Performances are drawn from a vast repertoire of 40 dances and 60 dance dramas which embody traditional values of elegance, respect and spirituality.

The dancer’s costumes have become the trade mark of the Conservatoire. Costumes are purged into monochrome. For the first time adornments are not bought crowns, but made of natural fibres by each dancer, as are the masks which are moulded in papier mache and painted with natural pigments. No make-up is applied.

The Divine Sala

Respecting the authentic Khmer Classical Ballet as inscribed at UNESCO, the SACRED DANCERS OF ANGKOR bring to life the fascinating legends of the Mahabarrata and the Ramayana depicted on Angkor Wat bas-reliefs, linking the tangible heritage of Angkor to the intangible heritage of Khmer Classical Dance, both inscribed as UNESCO treasures. All roles are performed by female dancers, with male dancers only holding Warrior Monkey roles.

Seeing the Sacred Dancers is essential for those seeking to explore the riches of Cambodia and the breathtaking beauty of the authentic Apsara.

PERFORMANCES:  For adults and children, please contact us by mail or phone – / (855) 021 772 641. For Khmer and expatriates, contact us by phone or email

“They were as accomplished as the very best classical dancers in the royal ballet troupe, and considering their youth, gave a perfect demonstration of why Cambodian classical court dance has captivated and entranced audiences since the beginning of the 20th century.” TripAdvisor, Andy Brouwer

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