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The Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia (NKFC) is a non governmental organisation conceived by its Founder Chairman, Mrs Ravynn Karet-Coxen and in 1994 was registered by the Charity Commissioners as an English charity – number 2913724. NKFC USA was incorporated in April 24, 2000 in Massachusetts and was recognised as a 501(c)(3) organisation by the IRS on October 2, 2000. The Massachusetts Department of Revenue has issued on 2/7/01 a Certificate of Exemption Number E 311-714-133. NKFC FRANCE was registered in 2001 as “Les Amis de la Fondation Nginn Karet”. Association regie par la Loi du 1er Juillet 1901 et le Decret du 16 Aout 190. In December 1999 NKFC was registered as a charoly in Cambodia (#1037695) at a "signing ceremony" between the Foundation and the Minister for Rural Development, H.E. Chhim Souk Long. Since 1st August 2001 NKFC is under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation with a Memorandum of Agreement between the Royal Government of Cambodia and the Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia which is renewed every 3 years.

Funds raised by each of these branches all contribute to a single common programme of work in Cambodia.

The Foundation is committed to helping disadvantaged villagers to help themselves, thereby improving their life expectancy and living standards. In 1997, the Foundation made its first two grants: one in Cambodia towards the training of amputees in marketable skills in Pursat; the other towards the development of an experimental mine-clearing robot machine called “The Dervish” at Edinburgh University, Scotland. Both grants were well used.

Subsequently, a programme of rural development was drawn up to support disadvantaged villagers in six villages around the world famous temple complex of Angkor Wat. This programme became operational in early 2000 with the appointment of a Cambodian Programme Manager. It was extended in 2004 to include a further seven villages in the same District of Banteay Srey.

The population of the 14 villages currently (2008) supported by NKFC totals an estimated 12,778 people in some 2,334 families representing about 40 per cent of the total population of Banteay Srey District.

Our funding is provided by the collective efforts of the Board Members, essentially on a personal level, whenever funds are necessary. On the 25th May 1999, a major fundraising was successfully launched in London at the Natural History Museum, generating adequate un-earmarked funds in excess of £100,000 sterling, necessary to launch the field programmes in January 2000. On the October 7th 2000 a similar fundraising at the Cirpriani in New York generated revenues to sustain and secure the programmes of the first and second phases, together with the 3rd fundraising inParis at the Senate on the 7th October 2002. Finally, a “Concert Rostropovich in Angkor” was organised for the 14th December 2003 at Angkor Wat but had to be cancelled. An anonymous donor very generously made a substantial contribution which negated this loss. Minor fundraisings were organised in London with Movie screenings, Marathons, Lectures; in France with Theatres and Lectures; in USA with Dinners, Marathons, and Cooking Classes. (see fundraising). Every effort is made to ensure that no more than 20 per cent of the funds are spent on overheads such as international travel, office space and other administrative costs.

The small NKFC staff are Cambodian, working as a family in a low profile, efficient manner and together makedaily visits to the 14 villages on motorbikes. They work at grass roots level, hand in hand with the villages and each other, as our programmes are interlinked. All NKFC staff are insured first with Indochine Insurance and now with Asia Insurance. The required international expertise is contributed mainly by our Boards of Trustees.


What we do.

The mission of NKFC is to reduce poverty and dependence through the implementation of projects which meet basic needs through sustainable development. All our programmes are designed after detailed consultation with the local authorities at senior governmental and provincial level, as well as with the villagers themselves.

NKFC began its fieldwork in January 2000 with an approved proposal for a three year programme to December 2002, initially targeting 7 of the poorest villages in the District of Banteay Srei, still under the control of the Khmer Rouge (these were settlements of displaced families from the borders). NKFC ground work was facilitated by the negotiation and help of General Tuon Chhay who was then the Governor of Siem Reap.

The second phase began in January 2003 when 7 additional villages were added to the NKFC programme, (these were existing villages to which the original population had returned). NKFC Teams seek to promote the development of self-reliance in the rural communities by strongly discourage the villagers from selling the land that they inherited, and encouraging them to promote the harmony of traditional rural life. We are promoting the use of their land resource through farming and setting up small income generating business to supply the growing of the tourism industry (2 million visitors recorded in 2007 and a projected 5 million by 2010). We encourage self-supporting groups and assist in tackling problems, facilitating finding solutions through their own and their neighbour’s experiences and innovation.

In April 2006 when NKFC entered its third phase, for another three years.

NKFC works with 2,334 families in 14 villages of Banteay Srei district.
 | The Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia is a Registered Charity No. 1037695. Founded in 1994. A company limited by guarantee and registered in the UK No. 2913724