Water Policy


When NKFC began its programme of support, many villagers took their water from open pits, exposed to all kinds of pollution, including human and animal waste. Consequently, the incidence of water-borne diseases was very high and often fatal. NKFC’s first priority was to support the construction of ring wells, protected by a roof and surrounded by a concrete apron. Each well is looked after by a Users’ Committee consisting of representatives of the families that use it.

As of mid 2005, 93 wells had been constructed with NKFC support in the 13 villages. NKFC pays for the water to be periodically laboratory-tested and inspects the wells at intervals to ensure that they are properly maintained.

Download Well distribution 2009 [Excel, 53kb]
Download Monitoring wells maintenance 2009 [Excel, 53kb]
Download Summary of well in old and new villages [Excel, 135kb]


Few villagers had access to a latrine before NKFC began its work in the 13 villages. Experience with the provision of latrines has been mixed in many such programmes, so NKFC requires that villagers pass a hygiene awareness test before being supported to acquire a latrine, to ensure that latrines will be correctly used and maintained. So far, NKFC has provided the materials for 66 latrines; the villagers provide the required labour and local materials. NKFC is aiming ultimately to provide some 1400 latrines in the 13 villages. Those so far provided are being well used and are appreciate by the families concerned.

Download Latrines distribution 2009 [Excel, 53kb]
Download Monitoring latrines maintenance 2009 [Excel, 50.5kb]
Download Summary of latrines in old and new villages [Excel, 69kb]